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December Events

We extend a warm and enthusiastic greeting to all participants, families, and music enthusiasts joining us for the second edition of the Elevato Stanza Junior Piano Competition, scheduled for December 20, 2023! Building on the success of our inaugural event, the Elevato Stanza Competition continues to foster a passion for musical artistry among the bright young minds aged 3 to 14. We are thrilled to witness the growth and talent that has flourished since the inception of this competition, and it is with great pride that we present this platform once again to showcase the extraordinary abilities of our junior pianists. At the heart of this competition is a commitment to excellence, and we are privileged to have gathered a distinguished panel of the most prestigious professors in the field. These educators bring not only a wealth of experience but also an unwavering dedication to nurturing the musical talents of the next generation. Their mentorship promises to enrich the artistic journey of our young participants, providing invaluable insights and guidance that extend beyond the competition itself. As we embark on this musical odyssey, we encourage each participant to embrace the joy of expression, the thrill of performance, and the camaraderie that comes with sharing their passion for piano music. The Elevato Stanza Competition is not merely a contest; it is a celebration of musical diversity, creativity, and the boundless potential that resides within every young artist. We express our deepest gratitude to all the families, teachers, and supporters who have contributed to the success of this event. Your dedication to fostering a love for music in the hearts of our youth is truly commendable, and we are honored to have you as part of the Elevato Stanza family. As we anticipate a day filled with extraordinary performances and musical brilliance, we extend our best wishes to all participants. May this competition be a memorable and transformative experience, inspiring a lifelong love for music and fostering the growth of the next generation of pianists. Welcome to the Elevato Stanza Junior Piano Competition - where passion meets performance, and the future of classical music shines brightly!

🎹🌟 César Franck International Piano Competition - Special Concert Opportunity! Exciting News Alert! 🌟🎉 Dear music enthusiasts and talented pianists, We are elated to share some thrilling news with you regarding the César Franck International Piano Competition 2023! 🏆✨ 🎊 Spectacular Concert Opportunity for Prizewinners! 🎊 We are delighted to announce that the 1st prize laureates of CFIPC 2023 will have the exceptional opportunity to perform with an extraordinary orchestra this upcoming April! 🎶🎻 This is a rare chance to showcase your musical prowess on a grand stage, surrounded by world-class musicians and under the spotlight of 10 distinguished jury members. ✨ A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience! ✨ Imagine the thrill of sharing your musical talent not only with our esteemed panel of jury members but also alongside some of the finest musicians from around the world. This is more than a competition; it's an extraordinary journey into the heart of classical music, and you could be at the center of it! 🌍 Spread the Word and Tag Your Talented Friends! 🌍 We encourage you to spread the word and tag any exceptionally talented individuals you know who would be interested in seizing this amazing opportunity. Let the world know about CFIPC 2023 and the chance to perform on a prestigious stage with a phenomenal orchestra! We eagerly await the spectacular performances and the discovery of the next generation of piano virtuosos. Join us in making CFIPC 2023 an event to remember! Let the music resonate, and may the keys of your piano unlock doors to extraordinary opportunities!

The Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn stands as a beacon for nurturing exceptional young pianists, guiding them toward international success while paying homage to the unparalleled genius of Ludwig van Beethoven in his hometown of Bonn. The competition's dual mission underscores its commitment to fostering emerging talent and perpetuating the legacy of Beethoven. At the heart of this endeavor are the high standards maintained by the competition, evident in the consistent success of its prize-winners and fortified by partnerships with esteemed entities such as the Beethovenfest, the Beethovenhaus, the Beethoven Orchestra, and the Beethoven Trio. The involvement of first-class juries further ensures the competition's prestige and integrity. Beyond the competition, a vibrant community emerges, where former prizewinners continue to be actively supported, whether for concert performances or noteworthy projects. This interconnectedness was vividly demonstrated in the Summit of November 2021, where prize-winners from previous competitions united in a harmonious celebration of musical excellence. The competition unfolds over four audition rounds, including a selection panel that invites 28 promising musicians to Bonn. The repertoire spans Beethoven's entire creative spectrum, complemented by works from his predecessors, contemporaries, and successors. Candidates, in addition to compulsory pieces, curate free programs to showcase their unique artistic potential to the discerning jury. Emphasizing a personal atmosphere, participants find lodging in host families, affording them the opportunity to immerse themselves in Beethoven's native city. Bonn's dedicated concert-goers, accompanying the artists through all competition rounds, contribute to an inspiring concert atmosphere. For global audiences, internet live streaming ensures access to all performances. The competition also embraces audience participation, with two Audience Choice Awards during the semifinals—reflecting the preferences of the live audience in Bonn and the virtual audience via live stream. In a unique twist, the audience even presents its Best Performance Award during the final round, adding an extra layer of connection between performers and their global supporters. The Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn, with its artistic aspirations, commitment to personal connections, and innovative audience engagement, continues to be a distinguished platform for the celebration of classical music and the enduring legacy of Beethoven.

In the heart of Canada's rich cultural tapestry, the CIMC is set to once again captivate audiences and showcase the incredible talent of musicians from around the world. This edition promises to be a celebration of unparalleled artistry, pushing the boundaries of musical expression and setting new standards for excellence. What to Expect in the 4th Edition: Diverse Artistic Showcases: Experience a kaleidoscope of musical genres, from classical masterpieces to contemporary brilliance. Our competition celebrates the diversity of musical expression, embracing all genres and styles. World-Class Adjudicators: A distinguished panel of international adjudicators, renowned for their expertise and passion, will be guiding and evaluating our participants. Their insights and feedback will be invaluable in nurturing the next generation of musical luminaries. Enhanced Prizes and Opportunities: Elevate your career with enhanced prizes and coveted opportunities! The CIMC 2023-2024 is not just a competition; it's a gateway to a world of possibilities, offering winners a platform to shine on the global stage. Innovative Virtual Experience: Embrace the future of music competitions with our innovative virtual platform. Participate from the comfort of your home while enjoying the same level of engagement, networking, and exposure as an in-person event. Join the Musical Celebration! Be a Part of CIMC 2023-2024! Whether you're a seasoned performer or a rising star, the CIMC welcomes you to be a part of this unforgettable musical celebration. Embrace the opportunity to connect with like-minded artists, gain invaluable experience, and make a mark in the international music scene.

Amazing Events

Unveiling Musical Brilliance: International Piano Competition "A. Scriabin" 2024, Italy Dear music enthusiasts, pianists, and lovers of the exquisite artistry of piano performance, The International Piano Competition "A. Scriabin" is not merely a gathering of pianists; it is a convergence of brilliance, a stage where exceptional talents from around the globe will come together to showcase their interpretative skills and breathe life into the compositions that echo the spirit of Scriabin. It is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the upcoming International Piano Competition "A. Scriabin," set to captivate the hearts and minds of music aficionados in Italy in the year 2024. This prestigious event promises to be a celebration of piano mastery, paying homage to the legacy of the renowned Russian composer and pianist, Alexander Scriabin.The International Piano Competition "A. Scriabin" in Italy in 2024 is not just a competition; it is a celebration of artistry, a homage to a musical pioneer, and an opportunity for pianists to leave an indelible mark on the pages of classical music history. Join us on this transcendent journey, as we embrace the magic of Scriabin's compositions and witness the emergence of new pianistic legends. Mark your calendars, and let the keys resonate with your passion and skill at the International Piano Competition "A. Scriabin" in Italy 2024. We look forward to being swept away by the enchanting melodies that will grace the stage. Thank you, and may the music inspire us all.

Bartók Piano Competition Graz 2024 I stand before you today with an exhilarating announcement that promises to set the stage ablaze with the captivating notes of Béla Bartók. In 2024, Graz will host the next Bartók Piano Competition, a spectacular event that not only pays homage to the legendary Hungarian composer but also unveils a platform for pianists to showcase their virtuosity and artistic prowess. The Bartók Piano Competition Graz 2024 is not just a musical event; it is an odyssey into the heart of Bartók's genius, an exploration of his innovative compositions that continue to resonate through the corridors of classical music. Béla Bartók, a visionary whose compositions bridged tradition and innovation, will be the guiding spirit of this competition. Participants will immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Bartók's works, navigating the intricate rhythms and evocative melodies that define his unique musical language. The competition will unfold in the picturesque city of Graz, Austria, renowned for its cultural vibrancy and historic charm. The dates are set, providing participants and audiences alike with an immersive experience in the heart of Europe's cultural landscape.A distinguished panel of adjudicators, comprised of internationally acclaimed pianists and music scholars, will lend their expertise to the competition. Their discerning ears and profound understanding of Bartók's legacy will shape the evaluation process, ensuring that each performance is not only technically brilliant but also deeply resonant with the essence of the composer's vision.The competition isn't just about the thrill of the performance; it's about recognizing and rewarding exceptional talent.In conclusion, the Bartók Piano Competition Graz 2024 is not just an event; it is a celebration of musical innovation, a tribute to a composer who reshaped the landscape of classical music. Join us on this remarkable journey, where pianists will become storytellers, narrating the tales embedded in Bartók's compositions.

Unforgettable Events

In the heart of musical brilliance, Les Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes, Belgium 2023, unfolded as a breathtaking masterpiece, an opulent symphony of pianistic prowess that enchanted the senses and left an indelible mark on the world of classical music. Dazzling Virtuosos: The Maestros at the Keys: The pianists who graced the stage were not just performers; they were musical storytellers, each note a brushstroke in a canvas of emotions. From delicate sonatas to thunderous concertos, their fingers danced across the keys with a mastery that held the audience in rapt attention. The sheer diversity of styles and interpretations showcased the multifaceted brilliance of these emerging talents, leaving the audience in awe of their technical prowess and artistic depth. Venues of Enchantment: Grez-Doiceau's Musical Haven: Nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Grez-Doiceau, the chosen venues were not mere stages; they were portals to a world where music and nature intertwined. The synergy between the performers and the surroundings created an ethereal atmosphere, enhancing the musical experience. The fusion of art and nature in Grez-Doiceau provided the perfect backdrop for the pianists to weave their sonic tapestries. A Symphony of Expertise: The Illustrious Jury: The distinguished jury was a constellation of musical luminaries, guiding the competitors with wisdom and discernment. Their collective expertise elevated the competition, offering constructive insights that not only shaped the performances but also nurtured the artistic growth of each participant. The collaboration between the pianists and the jury produced a harmonious blend of mentorship and artistry. Harmony in Collaboration: Gratitude to Our Generous Sponsors: The success of this grand musical celebration was made possible by the generous sponsors whose support echoed the commitment to the arts. Their visionary contributions went beyond financial backing; they were instrumental in creating an environment where creativity flourished, and dreams took flight. To our sponsors, a standing ovation for your role in shaping the future of classical music. A Tapestry of Cultural Richness and Innovation: Les Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes, Belgium 2023, was a testament to the universal language of music. The competition not only celebrated the classical repertoire but also embraced innovation, utilizing technology to share the magic with a global audience. This forward-thinking approach ensured that the echoes of the pianos reached far beyond the Belgian borders. In conclusion, the 2023 edition of Les Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes was a harmonious convergence of artistry, nature, and collaboration. The pianists, the venues, the jury, and the sponsors collectively created a musical tapestry that will be etched in the annals of classical music history. As the final notes resonated, it was evident that this was not merely a competition; it was a magnificent celebration of the boundless beauty and potential of piano music.

A Crescendo of Brilliance: Pacific International Youth Music Festival 2023 In the heart of musical enchantment, the Pacific International Youth Music Festival 2023 unfolded as a dazzling spectacle, a harmonious convergence of talent, passion, and artistic excellence that left audiences in awe and set the stage for a new era in classical music. Pianistic Prodigies: A Symphony of Fingers on Keys: The pianists who graced the festival were not merely performers; they were virtuosos weaving intricate tales through their fingertips. From delicate nocturnes to thunderous concertos, their mastery over the keys was nothing short of breathtaking. The sheer diversity of styles and interpretations showcased the multifaceted brilliance of these young talents, leaving the audience immersed in a world where every note resonated with emotion and artistry. Violin Virtuosos: Strings That Stirred the Soul: The violinists, with bows in hand, cast a spell on the audience with every stroke. Their performances were a testament to the unparalleled beauty and expressiveness of the violin. From the soaring heights of classical masterpieces to the pulsating rhythms of contemporary compositions, the violinists left an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness their artistry. Expertise in Judgment: The Illustrious Jury: The festival's jury comprised a distinguished panel of musical luminaries whose discerning ears and profound insights guided the young musicians towards excellence. Their constructive feedback and mentorship went beyond evaluation; they played a pivotal role in shaping the artistic journey of each participant. The collaboration between the jury and the performers echoed a commitment to nurturing the future of classical music. Symphony of Support: Gratitude to Our Generous Sponsors: A standing ovation is due to the sponsors whose unwavering support transformed the Pacific International Youth Music Festival into a resounding success. Their visionary contributions not only funded the event but also facilitated an environment where creativity flourished. The sponsors played a vital role in ensuring that the festival became a platform for young musicians to shine and share their gifts with the world. Masterful Organization: Applause for the Organizers: Behind the scenes, the festival organizers orchestrated a seamless symphony of logistics, ensuring that every note played and every bow drawn was met with the perfect stage and audience. Their meticulous planning and dedication to the art of musical celebration were evident in the flawless execution of the festival, making it a truly unforgettable experience for participants and attendees alike. In conclusion, the Pacific International Youth Music Festival 2023 was more than a celebration; it was a musical odyssey where young talents, the brilliance of the piano and violin, the discerning judgments of a renowned jury, the support of generous sponsors, and the masterful organization coalesced into a symphony of artistic magnificence. As the final echoes lingered in the air, it was clear that this festival had not only showcased exceptional young talent but had also paved the way for the future maestros of classical music..

A Magnificent Overture: The 32nd Rome International Piano Competition in Italy In the heart of the eternal city, where history whispers through cobblestone streets, the 32nd Rome International Piano Competition unfolded as a breathtaking crescendo, captivating the essence of musical artistry against the backdrop of Rome's timeless beauty. Pianistic Brilliance: Virtuosos Illuminating Roman Stages: The competition witnessed a parade of extraordinary pianists, each a luminary in their own right. From the intimate nuances of delicate sonatas to the thunderous bravado of virtuosic concertos, the piano keys became a vehicle for storytelling. Rome's stages, with their storied grandeur, resonated with the kaleidoscope of emotions painted by the nimble fingers of these maestros. Venues: A Harmonious Dialogue with History: Rome's iconic venues, chosen with discerning precision, added an ethereal quality to the competition. From the venerable halls that have witnessed centuries of history to more intimate settings that echoed with the whispers of ancient civilizations, each venue became a living testament to the enduring relationship between music and the eternal city. Discerning Judges: The Illustrious Jury Panel: The competition's success was underlined by an illustrious jury, a confluence of discerning ears and seasoned expertise. Their constructive critiques and profound insights reflected a commitment to nurturing the next generation of pianistic talent. The jury's collective wisdom resonated with the spirit of the competition, elevating it to a standard of unparalleled excellence. Global Recognition: Organizations Fostering Artistic Excellence: The organizing entities behind the Rome International Piano Competition have proven themselves as custodians of cultural heritage. Their dedication to fostering artistic excellence on an international stage has not only earned the competition global recognition but has also solidified its place as a premier event in the classical music calendar. Sponsorship: A Symphony of Generosity: The competition's resounding success was made possible through the visionary support of sponsors who understood the importance of fostering the arts. Their generosity went beyond financial backing; it was a harmonious collaboration that enriched the cultural fabric of Rome and echoed across the global stage. The sponsors became patrons of a musical renaissance. Culmination of Artistry: A Mesmerizing Musical Tapestry: As the final notes lingered in the Roman air, it was evident that the 32nd Rome International Piano Competition was not just an event—it was a mesmerizing tapestry woven with the threads of unparalleled artistry, historical resonance, and unwavering support from Rome, the jury, the sponsors, and the tireless organizers. The legacy of this competition is etched in the very stones of the city, enriching both Rome's cultural heritage and the worldwide legacy of classical music.

Harmony Unveiled: Danubia Talents International Music Competition 2023 In the realm of musical brilliance, the Danubia Talents International Music Competition 2023 emerged as a resplendent celebration, a testament to the extraordinary synergy of artists, the discerning judgments of the jury, the unwavering support of sponsors, and the meticulous organization by the event's orchestrators. Artists that Dazzled: A Symphony of Musical Virtuosos: The stage was graced by a parade of musical virtuosos whose performances transcended the ordinary. From the nimble fingers of pianists crafting enchanting melodies to the soul-stirring notes drawn from violins, cellos, and an array of instruments, each artist brought a unique narrative to life. The Danubia Talents stage became a canvas, and the artists painted with a palette of emotions, captivating the audience in a spellbinding musical journey. The Expertise Behind the Curtain: A Stellar Jury Panel: The competition's jury comprised luminaries whose expertise and discernment added an extra layer of prestige to the event. Their invaluable insights, constructive critiques, and commitment to nurturing emerging talent were evident in the outstanding performances of the participants. The collaboration between the artists and the jury not only elevated the competition but also fueled the artistic growth of the participants. Sponsors: A Symphony of Generosity: Gratitude resounds for the sponsors whose unwavering support transformed the competition into a grand symphony of sound. Their visionary contributions went beyond financial backing, creating an environment where creativity flourished, and dreams found wings. The sponsors played a pivotal role in not just sponsoring an event but in fostering a platform where artistic brilliance could shine brightly. Masterful Organization: Applause for the Organizers: The seamless execution of the Danubia Talents International Music Competition was a testament to the meticulous planning and dedication of the organizers. The chosen venues, the flawless logistics, and the attention to detail created an atmosphere where the artists could flourish, and the audience could be enraptured. The event's success was a reflection of the organizers' commitment to creating a memorable experience for participants and attendees alike. A Global Celebration of Music: The Danubia Talents International Music Competition wasn't just a local event; it was a global celebration of music that resonated far beyond geographical boundaries. It showcased the universal language of music as artists from diverse backgrounds converged on one stage, creating a beautiful tapestry of cultural richness. In conclusion, the Danubia Talents International Music Competition 2023 was not just a competition—it was a symphony of brilliance, a collaboration of exceptional artists, a showcase of unwavering support from sponsors, and the result of masterful organization. As the final notes echoed, it was evident that this event had not only discovered new talents but had also contributed to the continued legacy of classical music.

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